Unveiling URA Master Plan for Woodlands: A Stimulating Environment and Connected Community for Champions Way Condo Residents

Residents of Champions Way Residences will benefit from the URA master plan for Woodlands. Projects under the plan will depict a lively living atmosphere, with plenty of job opportunities, leisure and recreational options. Further, these projects will provide more amenities for citizens and make Woodlands more attractive to tourists. Last but not least, the projects will spread connection and unity among its locals.

Residents of Champions Way Condo will reap many benefits from the URA master plan for Woodlands. The projects scheduled to be implemented under the plan will create a stimulating living environment and a great place to work, relax, and have fun. Additionally, the initiatives will bring about extra amenities for the general public, making the area a more desirable destination for visitors. Finally, the projects will promote a more connected and united community for everyone.

In the Woodlands area, a variety of bus services operate 24 hours a day, providing transport solutions for everyone. Near the Woodlands MRT station lies the Bus Interchange, offering direct routes to various locations across Singapore. For those living in the Woodlands Condo, this is especially convenient, providing access to business hubs like Raffles Place and Marina Bay, as well as shopping locales like Orchard Road and educational institutions in Buona Vista.

Located in the Champions Way Residences area, The Woodlands Checkpoint provides easy access for travelers between Singapore and Malaysia. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the checkpoint links Woodlands to Johor Bahru in southern Malaysia, making it a popular route for commuters and tourists alike.

Causeway Point is a popular shopping destination for those living near Champions Way Condo, offering fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment options. Uniqlo, Zara, and H&M are just a few of the stores stocked with up-to-date clothing trends. Meanwhile, electronic enthusiasts have the pick of outlets such as Courts, Challenger, and Best Denki. For those who prefer something more unique, specialty stores featuring toys, stationery, and books are also available. Additionally, the mall boasts a variety of restaurants and entertainment options, making it a great spot to spend the day.

Champions Way GLS Condo is located close to a variety of amenities, such as malls, banks, entertainment and recreational spots, and schools. Moreover, it offers convenient access to some of Singapore’s top public transport systems, including the MRT and bus systems.

The URA’s master plan involves various initiatives that will improve the quality of life in the Woodlands locality for Champions Way Residences and generate a livelier and more stimulating environment for Champions Way condo occupants. These projects will help create an area which is able to meet the needs of its local community members and visitors. The projects will also add value to the existing infrastructure and facilities in the area, making it an attractive destination for both leisure and investment. The initiatives include the development of pedestrian-friendly streets, public spaces, greening, and the integration of recreational, commercial and residential activities. Furthermore, the plan seeks to improve public transport services and the connectivity between Champions Way Residences and the surrounding areas. Through these projects, Champions Way condo owners will be able to get the most out of their neighbourhood and enjoy a vibrant living experience.

This development consists of 7 residential blocks with 12 stories each, featuring 516 units. These units come in sizes from two to five bedrooms, making them suitable for individuals and families alike. Additionally, the development features a commercial component, including a supermarket, childcare centre and retail centre.

Champions Way Residences Condo is the ideal home away from home. Situated in the heart of Woodlands, this development is a great spot for families and singles to reside in, enjoying the many amenities and recreational facilities on offer. With luxury and comfort as major drawcards, this location is sure to provide an unbeatable living experience.

Those on the lookout for a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience need look no further than Sembawang Shopping Centre. With a massive selection of stores from Zara and Cotton On fashion stores to Best Denki electronics and Toys ‘R’ Us specialty stores, this shopping complex has it all. Plus, it features plenty of eateries, a sizeable supermarket, and a bustling food court, making it a great destination to grab groceries and enjoy a meal.
Additionally, the walkway will be connected to the existing Woodlands town center, making it a great choice for those looking to take an accessible route to their destination. The project will also include the refurbishment of existing pathways, which will help to enhance the area and provide an upgraded look. To ensure the walkway is safe and secure for pedestrians, the Woodlands town council has partnered with the Champions Way GLS Estate team to provide a secure and monitored environment.

Woodlands Town Council is developing a new pedestrian walkway to bring greater convenience and safety to Champions Way GLS Woodlands residents and visitors. This walkway will run through the heart of the town and be connected to the existing Woodlands town center, making it a great choice for those who need accessible routes. To give the walkway a welcoming look, new lighting, landscaping, and signage will be installed. In order to make the path secure and monitored, the council has partnered with Champions Way GLS Estate. Furthermore, existing pathways will be refurbished to help give the area a more modernized appearance. Overall, the walkway project will ensure that visitors and residents of the area have a safe and convenient route to get around.

Champions Way Condo is conveniently located within easy reach of several bus services, making it easy for residents to access nearby Pasir Ris, Yishun, Sembawang and Choa Chu Kang. Furthermore, the surrounding area offers shuttle services to and from Marina South Pier and Sentosa.
The mall has a spacious, well-lit interior with plenty of seating and a wide variety of stores. From fashion and apparel to home furnishings and electronics, shoppers can find everything they need. The mall also features a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues, and services.

Champions Way Condo is the perfect destination for those looking to shop. With a selection of stores featuring everything from fashion and apparel to home furnishings and electronics, it’s the perfect place to find whatever you need. Boasting a spacious and well-lit interior with plenty of seating, it’s the ideal spot to explore while enjoying the many restaurants, entertainment venues, and services. Located in the north of the country, it’s the go-to shopping destination for those seeking the best shopping experience.

Champions Way Residences Condo is conveniently located near a selection of movie theaters, eateries, cafes, and bars, so that residents can partake in a range of leisure activities. In addition, they can enjoy various outdoor pursuits including golf, tennis, running, and biking.

The Champions Way Condo in Singapore is conveniently connected to other areas of the city via the Woodlands Causeway. This causeway, opened in 2003, links the town to Johor Bahru in the south of Malaysia, making it easier for tourists and commuters to travel between the two places. As a result of the causeway, the journey time between the two countries has been significantly decreased.

For a more convenient shopping experience, the Woodlands Civic Centre located at Champions Way Residences is definitely a great option. There is a wide selection of stores and outlets, including Zara and Uniqlo for fashion, Best Denki and Courts for electronics, and Toys ‘R’ Us and Kinokuniya for specialty items. To top it off, there is also a food court if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat.
In addition, the presence of traffic wardens and monitoring systems help to ensure that traffic flows smoothly, thus allowing drivers to reach their desired destinations faster and with greater ease.

Woodlands is known for its well-structured infrastructure, making driving in the area a pleasant experience. The smooth and wide roads, along with the easily-followed signs, help to prevent traffic congestion as much as possible. Moreover, the deployment of traffic wardens and the installation of monitoring systems ensure that traffic moves along seamlessly, allowing drivers to get to their locations quickly and without hassle.

Champions Way Condo, situated at the northern tip of Singapore, is a flourishing hub of residential and commercial activity that is well connected to other parts of the nation. The area has an extensive transport system, providing easy access to and from all parts of Singapore, making it a popular choice for both residents and travelers.

Champions Way GLS Condo residents are privileged to have access to plentiful taxi services and a wide range of ride-hailing apps, which offer door-to-door transport services 24/7. These services provide convenience and allow them to travel with ease.

Residents of Champions Way Condo also benefit from excellent road connectivity to the rest of Singapore. Woodlands is conveniently located close to major expressways such as the Seletar Expressway (SLE), Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), and the upcoming North-South Corridor (NSC). Commuters who own cars will find getting around more manageable thanks to these routes. The NSC is particularly notable for its promise of faster journeys to the city centre when it completes in 2026.

Champions Way Condo boasts unbeatable connectivity to the rest of Singapore and abroad. Located conveniently close to the city center, expressways, MRT line, bus services and the causeway, Woodlands offers hassle-free access to each and every corner of Singapore and beyond, making it a sought-after choice among locals and tourists alike.

The Woodlands MRT station is a fixture of both the North-South Line and Thomson-East Coast Line, situated conveniently near Champions Way Condo. This station makes Woodlands Condo highly accessible to the rest of Singapore, especially with the 2019 launch of the Thomson-East Coast Line. With this new line, occupants of Woodlands Condo are able to seamlessly connect to multiple work, leisure, and living hotspots across the city and East Coast.

The mighty bid from CDL could be affected by the impending finishing of the Singapore-Johor Rapid Transit System (RTS), timetabled for 2026. The Champions Way GLS Tender is predicted to greatly improve transport connections between Singapore and Johor, potentially resulting in an upsurge in property prices in Woodlands.

Champions Way Woodlands Condo is surrounded by an abundance of lush greenery, offering the perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. There are numerous parks and gardens in the vicinity, including a community garden and playground, as well as fitness centres and sports clubs that residents can take advantage of. Those looking for recreational activities will find plenty of enjoyable trails to explore in the area.

A robust bid for private properties in Woodlands may be attributed to a number of factors, such as the growth of the Woodlands Regional Centre, which is a major economic centre in the northern part of the city. Additionally, there is likely to be an unmet demand for new private residences in the area, considering that the last private condominium project to be launched there was Parc Rosewood in 2012.

For those who are seeking a laidback shopping adventure, the Sembawang Hills Shopping Centre is a great choice. With an array of stores, ranging from clothing like Cotton On and Zara, to electronic retailers such as Challenger and Best Denki, and even specialty stores like Toys ‘R’ Us and Kinokuniya, there’s something for everyone here. Plus, there is a food court so you can enjoy a meal while shopping.

Residents of Champions Way Condo GLS can enjoy a unique feature that not many places in Singapore can offer – direct international connectivity via the Causeway, a road and rail link to Malaysia. This offers them the opportunity to drive to a foreign country, an extraordinary experience.

Champions Way Condo is well-connected to other parts of Singapore through a number of expressways, including the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE). These expressways provide convenient access to the Central Business District, Changi Airport and Jurong East, making it easy for residents to get around.

Champions Way Condo Residences, situated in the North part of Singapore, is an attractive residential choice for those looking for easily accessible living quarters. The condo is well-connected to other parts of Singapore, with robust public transportation and efficient road networks as transportation options for smoother traveling.
The condo features an array of amenities, from a full-size swimming pool to a state-of-the-art clubhouse, making it an ideal home for any family.

Champions Way Condo GLS is a new and thrilling development in the Woodlands area of Singapore. This luxurious residential building is ideally located close to Woodlands South MRT Station, providing convenience and comfort in equal measure. The condominium boasts a plethora of features and facilities, ranging from a large swimming pool to a modern clubhouse, making it the ideal home for any family.
The plaza will be a vibrant and inviting space that will bring more foot traffic into the Woodlands area.

The Woodlands area will gain a new public space with the development of a dynamic plaza. Amenities at the plaza will include a performance stage, seating areas, food vendors, and an interactive fountain. With the help of local businesses, additional features such as retail stores, cafes, and restaurants will be provided. All of these amenities combined will make the plaza an inviting and vibrant environment for all to enjoy. The URA is looking forward to creating an engaging experience that will bring more foot traffic into the Woodlands area.

Competing bids for the proposed residential development, Champions Way Residences, were lower than $750 psf ppr, an indication of the developers’ caution due to the potential risks related to the area. As the plot is located above a current MRT line, construction costs could be higher. Meanwhile, the increasing prices of HDB flats in Woodlands could attract upgraders to purchase units at Champions Way. The Woodlands Regional Centre’s ongoing development and the resulting job creation could drive even more demand for the condominium project.

CDL has put forward a proposal to construct a residential development comprised of four 11-storey buildings with a combined total of 350 residential units. The plan also includes an early childhood development center as well as an underground parking facility. The CDL bid was the highest at $295.6 million, a substantial 8.3% more than the next nearest offer of $272.3 million.

Residents of Champions Way Condo GLS will be delighted to learn that they can enjoy the Round Island Route (RIR), a 150km park connector around Singapore. This lovely scenic route provides an alternative way to explore various parts of the country, connecting various major parks and nature attractions. For those who prefer cycling or walking, the RIR provides a great opportunity to explore and appreciate the beauty of Singapore.

The URA has unveiled an exhilarating new master plan for Woodlands which will be of huge benefit to Champions Way GLS condo inhabitants. This plan promises to bring various advantages to the local vicinity, offering its residents more amenities and conveniences. The URA will be implementing a variety of measures that will completely transform the area. They will be creating commercial and residential spaces that will provide more leisure, recreation, and entertainment opportunities. Furthermore, a range of transport links will be expanded to provide locals with enhanced access to key destinations. All of this combined should create a more vibrant and enjoyable living environment for those who call Champions Way GLS home.

Residents of Champions Way Residences GLS Condo have access to all primary public transport services for reliable and convenient travel to many Singapore locations. Buses, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and taxis make up the primary methods of public transportation, offering cost-efficient transport to numerous destinations.

In summary, with its strategic position, supplemented by reliable public transport and road systems, Woodlands Condominium provides its inhabitants with the ultimate degree of connectivity across Singapore. It is the ideal spot for professionals needing swift commutes to work, students wanting effortless access to educational facilities, or families demanding convenient routes to malls and recreation areas – Woodlands Condo accordingly embodies the concept of convenient urban living in Singapore, surely surpassing all expectations.
The public art program will feature sculptures, murals, mosaics, and other types of art installations. It will be funded by private donations and grants from the Woodlands Development Authority, as well as other local organizations. The program will also be supported by local businesses, and will help to create a vibrant and culturally rich atmosphere in the heart of the Woodlands.

The URA master plan includes the implementation of a new public art program. This program will involve the installation of a variety of artistic pieces in the Woodlands area, designed to celebrate the area’s unique culture and heritage. These installations will include sculptures, murals, mosaics, and other art forms. The program will be funded via donations and grants from the Woodlands Development Authority, as well as other local businesses and organizations. This public art program is intended to create a vibrant and culturally significant atmosphere in the heart of the Woodlands.

Champions Way Condo is easily accessible through the North-South Line of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). This line runs from Marina Bay in the south up to Woodlands North in the north of Singapore, allowing for a convenient and speedy connection between the two locations. Passengers can also get off at Choa Chu Kang and Yishun stops, giving them options to travel to parts of Singapore such as Jurong East and Bishan.

Champions Way Condo offers a wide selection of shopping centres for all types of shoppers. From trendy fashion outlets to electronics stores to speciality items and more, you’re sure to find what you need. Make time to explore the various shopping outlets near Woodlands and Sembawang and discover the perfect one for your needs.
The goal of the project is to create an inviting space to relax and enjoy nature.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is set to invest in the upgrade of Woodlands Park, making it more accessible and attractive to the public. To achieve this, new playground equipment and improved landscaping will be installed, as well as better lighting. Additionally, there will be partnerships with local businesses to add amenities such as outdoor seating, food vendors, and recreational activities. All these efforts aim to create an inviting space for relaxation and appreciation of nature.

A subsidiary of City Developments Ltd (CDL) has emerged as the top bidder, with an offer of $294.9 million, which is equivalent to $904 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr), for a residential site in Woodlands’ Champions Way. The site comprises 350 units and saw bids from five other contenders; all of which were outdone by the CDL subsidiary. This is especially noteworthy, considering the limited availability of new private residential offerings in that area.

Champions Way GLS is designed to offer residents a modern and sophisticated lifestyle, with contemporary interiors for a comfortable and luxurious living experience. Every unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring both comfort and convenience.

The Woodlands district is well connected to both northeastern and western Singapore regions, courtesy of the SLE and BKE which link it to Sengkang and Punggol (in the east) and to Bukit Panjang and Choa Chu Kang (in the west), respectively. Furthermore, with Central Expressway (CTE) in the vicinity, traveling to the central and the southern regions of Singapore is an easy task.
For those looking to take a break from shopping, there is also a park located right inside Northpoint City. With green space and plenty of seating, it’s a great place to take a walk, get some fresh air, and relax. If you’re looking for an outdoor shopping experience, visit Northpoint City. It has everything you need for a day of shopping, entertainment, dining and more. From fashion stores like Uniqlo, Cotton On and Zara, to electronics outlets like Best Denki and Challenger, to the large food court and cinema, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the park located inside the mall is a great place for a leisurely stroll, a breath of fresh air and relaxation.