Do you want to monitor how your personal information is being sued online? Well, privacy is the perfect website to visit. This website was developed to help individuals most especially in America learn and track how their personal information related to identification is used by the US privacy law and other information security bodies.

What is personally identifiable information

This is individuals’ information accessible online to enable the information security body to track them based on the provided contacts, identification and other personal details. The privacy policy saves one’s information online to enable them to closely or easily track their details and how they are being used online with ease. But first, there are some terms and conditions put across for the members to understand before joining the website. Also, individuals must learn how the privacy policy company utilizes the individual personal details to their benefit.

Things to know about the privacy policy


  • The information collected when registering

Before you sign up with the website, there are some essential personal details that you need to provide for the registration process. Some of the details that you must key in on the online registration form include; your names, an active email address, the mailing address, and the credit card information.

When is the personal information required

In some cases, some of the information is required from the time you start to register with the website. Other information may be required when placing an order, subscribing to newsletters or other notifications. Always make sure to provide all the necessary information you may be asked to fill in the website.

How is the collected information used

The personal information provided by the members, it is used in various ways to better the members’ life when using the website online. Some of the areas the information is used include;

  • Personalize the website to fit the user

Depending on the kind of information you provide on the website, the company works to customize the website to fit every member. They use the information to ensure all the content and products you require or prefer are available for your access.

  • To better the website

Every person has their taste and preference when it comes to the content they want to access online. Therefore, the website takes advantage of this to better their website to fit all the customers. They use the information to improve their website in terms of fast access, the kind of content offered on the website and many others.

  • Better customer care services

There are customers’ contact lines provided on the website for the customer to easily access them in case of an inquiry. Therefore, the website uses the customers’ information to ensure they have enough and the right customer care representatives to cater to the customers’ needs and queries.

  • Quick services

The website may use the information to improve their transaction channel to ensure they serve all their customers and on time through equating the right technology systems.

  • Keeping the customers close

The website can use your details like an email address to send you newsfeed and other updates related to your order, products or services you are interested in.

How does the website protect their visitors’ information

The company works hand in hand with malware scanning to ensure the website is completely safe from third-party access. They scan the website regularly to ensure only the right people access the website. They also encrypt sensitive information with SSL technology.

Privacy Policy and Cookie

The website is compatible with cookies and thus, you have to accept cookies to access the website. The cookies help to make your access easy by keeping a record of your logins and access. Cookies can save details of the product or services you have ordered from the website and others.

Can you delete your information from the website

Yes! You can have your information deleted from the website by clicking on the US/Live chat button located on the website. You will be provided with a customer care representative who will take you through the process. You may also be asked for some personal information to complete the process.

Third-party links

The website consists of third party products and services links that match with your preferred orders. Note that the website is not reasonable of all the transaction you carry out with the third party links.

Transferring of individual’s details

The website may save your details on a computer located in a different city or town from where you registered from. But they make sure to protect the details from .