Guocoland Beach Road Midtown Suites at Bugis

Once again Guocoland has come out strongly following the latest contribution to the development of Midtown Suites. The development will see major transformations on how tourism and business are conducted in the area that will cover three major aspects in life. Midtown Suites will give equal opportunity to all to Champions Way Condo do their work from the same point, play and finally live in the same place a feature that is very rare across the world.

Guocoland Beach Road Midtown Suites

Though the competition was very tight among the companies that expressed their interest, Guocoland emerged the best and won the commercial site that is located along Beach Road. Among the top companies that presented the bid for the development, the move favored Guocoland since it had the highest bid to a tune of $ 1.622 billion. The lease that is set to run for 99 years will see major development and transformation along the Beach Road come up. Guocoland is the developer for Midtown Suites Condo at Beach Road

Design of Midtown Suites at Bugis

The design of Midtown Suites Bugis is modern with major facilities put under one space of development. You get to enjoy full family entertainment whenever you visit the development with your family members. It’s developed with a well-equipped playing ground for kids, swimming pool and other games facilities that you may want to enjoy. Best measures of safety and security are set at their best including a guard house that sits within the development. The popular Bugis has a major contribution to the development including the Bugis Junction, Bugis MRT Station, and street.

Guocoland Midtown Suites Development Iconic in The World

The company hasn’t limited its development to one specific place but instead diversified making major iconic developments across the world. Guocoland has remained committed to transforming lives by major development using modern technology across the world. For over 25 years in the development space, Guocoland started its vision in the 1990 and has remained stable till today. A major milestone has been seen with the development record of the company in different areas including over 9000 households under the lease of 34 condominiums.

The stability of Midtown Suites company in terms of asset base gives it a better position when it comes to property development. Though it had a humble beginning, the company has now grown to be among the top development companies that are listed at the Singapore exchange securities. Its performance in the real estate sector has come out clearly with a lot of awards abstained from different sectors.
The fact that Midtown Suite was one of the developments under the Guocoland, the standard wasn’t compromised and expectation fully met. The final outcome of the development is a true transformation to the district that was never in the world mark of the development. With everything set ready including the site area of 226,249 sqft, more facilities now perfectly sit in the new development.

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