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Search Engine Optimization Tips You Don’t Want To Miss
It is extremely true that you have to take your business online for your brand to have higher chances of conquering your competition. After all, the consumers of today for services and products don’t want to struggle to look for stuff, when they can just order the same with the click of a button from the comfort of their home without having to move a muscle. Thanks to Search Engine Optimization, you can get through to them easily. But where most people go wrong is that they think they’ve got it all right when they invest in services to make them rank high on Google, Bing, and other search engines. The harsh truth however is, you have to go a notch further to reap more benefits.  This being the case, here are some Search Engine Optimization tips, to help you take your brand the next level or hire an SEO Company to do it for you: Zero Limit Web – SEO
•    Blogging And Blog Marketing
Have a blog site of your own within your main site and blog about interesting topics that relate to your work line. Additionally, market your business by commenting on influential blogs and ensure you put links within your post to lead people to your site. Establish back links with authority blogs for better traffic.
•    Take It To Social Media
The social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have a great potential for business. This is in most cases where your target audiences tend to hang out in their free time, the most appropriate time of their day you want to capture their attention. Establish a social media profile, keep it up to date and get interacting with your audience. Make it a branding site as well as a platform to answer your clients’ queries and comments.
•    Work With Videos
Your YouTube channel is equally important, just like your website. Videos and images remain the trendiest items that you can use to promote your business more. Work with a media production company to create short, interesting and informative videos that lure the audience into taking action. They should have a clear and concise message, without causing bias to your audience. As much as a marketing video should be high quality, it should also be short, so that it is easily downloadable and shareable over various platforms for better impacts. It should be Search Engine Optimization friendly, for easier recognition by search engines.

•    Don’t Forget Email Marketing
Most people think that emails are just emails. In the world of business, it is exactly the opposite. They are quite crucial as tools you can use to present your business more to your target audience for better performance online. Email marketing is important as a strategy you can use to lure your customers and web visitors into buying your services or products, by sending updates regularly in digital forms such as PDFs, newsletters, coupons, and alerts. The content, however, should be strategically designed in a Search Engine Optimization way, so that it can even be shared via email for other business leads. It should be interesting and persuasive, just like your web content.

June 14, 2016 /

The SEO marketing Company industry is volatile and changes quite often. What worked a few months back may not work now. This is why you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends in internet marketing. Each year, new hardware, software and user preferences dictate a host of changes in the industry. Early adopters get a chance to be ahead of the rest on marketers in the Washington DC SEO industry.

Video advertisements are not new to the industry. You may have already seen the video ads displayed on YouTube and other video services. Bing has already begun offering video advertising options to their customers. This is a sign that 2016 is going to be a year where video advertising becomes even more attractive. You can expect to see more video advertisements popping up in more unexpected places on the net. With YouTube being owned by Google, the possibilities in this direction are limitless.

Mobile surpassed desktop in 2015. The trend is to continue even further in 2016. Google already announced that mobile traffic had overtaken desktop in more than ten different countries. They also released the free update so that their algorithms can rank mobile updated sites higher in the search engines. Google even says that a mobile-only site with no desktop feature is perfectly acceptable for their search results. This means sites that are updated for mobile are going to outrank sites that are not updated for mobile quite easily in 2016. Hence, the smart money rests on mobile-friendly online marketing in 2016.

Unique content is going to become even more prominent in 2016. As you already know, unique content is essential if you want to rank your website higher in the search results. The trend will continue to dominate the marketing scene in 2016 too. You need to have unique and engaging content on your websites to attract more customers and improve your brand awareness in 2016. Long articles tend to perform better in the search results pages in 2016. You will not be able to dominate the search results with a 300-500 word article like in the past. Instead, your items need to be at least 1250-1500 words long. This is another significant trend in internet marketing in 2016.

The trend is going to explode in 2016 with app developers realizing the potential of getting their apps indexed by Google. In fact, apps can do almost everything that a website can do. Hence, 2016 will see more and more app developers utilizing Google to popularize their apps and increase the sales. If you are in the washington dc area then its best to reach out to a Washington DC SEO Company

In conclusion, internet marketing changes with each passing day with so many algorithm updates from Google and other Washington DC search engines. You need to be on top of the latest trends to succeed in the game of internet marketing.

March 23, 2016 /

Online advertising is not just for those who have big budgets. It is for those who have the willingness to do their research and put in the time. Some advertisers claim they can do a lot but then falter because of this overconfidence.

Online advertising is all about understanding how the market works in your niche and then capitalizing on these intricacies. You have to work on this as much as you can.

Here are the tips that matter when it comes to online advertising.

Interconnecting A Campaign Is Important

You should be looking at interconnecting a campaign as much as you can. Too many advertisers start to work on bits and pieces. This means they dabble in a bit of social media and then move towards Google Adwords before finishing with banner ads.

You can’t be doing this because that is not going to work.

You have to interconnect everything, so it all links back to the site. You want the Google ads to link back to your social media accounts and do the same with your banner ads. Get all of this working together for you to succeed.

Do not advertise in bits and pieces.

Work On Negative Keywords

There are relevant keywords out there which you have to include in your advertising campaigns, but there are “negative” keywords that you don’t want in your campaigns. Target these keywords and remove them from your campaigns as soon as you can.

It is these keywords that hurt your ROI because you are not spending the money properly. You end up wasting it on keywords that are not going to do much for you.

Work on this part of the research as well to enhance what you are doing for the online advertising campaign.

Retargeting Matters

You will often get stuck looking for new leads when that is not necessary. Why not go to those who have already clicked and gone to your site? These are people who are already half convinced and just need a bit more to get them to complete the conversion.

You have to do a bit of retargeting on your own to get towards where you want to be.

There are some businesses that just don’t retarget enough and get lost in the chase for new leads when older ones are waiting to be converted.

Your online advertising campaigns will have their ups and downs because even the best businesses see these peaks and valleys. What you want the most is to go with a solution that is going to provide long-term value. You cannot go for the short-term gains nor can you get sucked into going for low-value deals.

The best online advertising campaigns are the ones done based on analytical research and homework on the market itself. Those who do this will come out with the best campaigns.


Since Google is considered one of the largest corporations in the world, many advertisers think Google advertising favors only large companies. Google is the most popular advertising platform of Google. Many people believe that only multi-national businesses and media giants use Google’s advertising program. In reality, this is not the actual case. Many small businesses use Google AdWords to drive traffic to their business.

As a small business, you want to take your business online. So you build a website and are ready to sell to anyone, anywhere at any time of the day and night. Your site is made and expect the customers to find the place online. But no one will know that your website exists apart from the people in your town if you operate a local brick and mortar store. This is where Google advertising comes in handy. It will help you promote the website to highly targeted customers in your region as well as throughout the world. The only think is you need to apply the best practices when advertising the site on Google. If not, you are bound to lose a lot of money and your time in the long run.
When your small business uses Google advertising to promote your business, your ads are placed on various articles, news reports, posts, and websites in the same niche. These ads are seen by people who have an interest in your products or services. They will click on the ad and arrive on your website. This is how Google advertising helps bring traffic to your business. One important thing, this trade is highly targeted than most of the other sources of traffic on the net. Hence, you have a higher chance of converting them into consumers.
New AdWord users make the mistake of targeting broad matches when advertising on Google. Such an action may result in more traffic to your website, but they are hardly ever targeted. They will not convert well and are quite expensive in the long run. That is why you need to target the exact match keywords when advertising on Google. If your business serves a particular location, make sure you advertise only for consumers in that locations. If not, you are wasting money by attracting worldwide customers who cannot be served by your business.

Most advertisers make the mistake of not including a strong call-to-action in their ad. Without a reason to click on your website, the customer will not click on it. Give them an idea to pick your site and they will do it. A strong call to action is important because of this reason. This article provides information on how Google advertising benefits your small business.


Tips For Ranking On Google

Ranking on Google gets harder and harder with every new algorithm update they implement. Strategies and tactics that were once proven to work are now obsolete and even hazardous. There’s no wonder some internet marketers have lost the battle and went out of business. Even though today’s SEO is better to be done by professional agencies, everyone can learn and apply a few tips that can help them rank their web pages on Google.

The first thing to do if you want to improve your rankings is to make sure your website is free from coding errors. There are online markup validators you can use for free. Run your web pages through them and make a list of all errors they return. Next, fix as many of them as you can. It is possible that page loads just fine yet has some mistakes that might prevent search engine crawlers from interpreting it correctly.

Check your internal linking structure. The pages of a website should link to each other in a structure known as a silo. If you do this interlinking the right way, the authority is going to be passed onto the pages you want to rank. A good internal linking structure alone won’t secure your top positions in the SERPs, but it can contribute to obtaining them.

Check your outbound links. In your articles, you may link to various information sources. This is a real thing. Nonetheless, you have to do regular checkups to see whether those pages are still online. If you link out to resources that no longer exist, your Google rankings are going to be affected in a negative way.

Check your inbound links. Who links to you is also critical. Ideally, you should acquire only high-quality inbound links, from websites that are authorities in your niche or industry. Moreover, you have to make sure the anchor text follows a natural pattern. This means you should only use the exact keywords as an anchor in about 1% of your inbound links. For the others, you can use the URL, some variations of the anchor and some neutral words such as “click here”, “this article” or “visit our website”.

Keyword research is also critical. If your site is very new and you choose extremely competitive keywords to rank for, you may not be able to get there. On the contrary, if you focus on long tail keywords, in the beginning, you are going to find it easier to rank. Besides, ranking for all those long tail keywords is going to help you rank for the high search volume, extremely competitive keywords that could bring you significant profits by sending you a lot of targeted traffic.

Making sure you track your rankings is important. This isn’t going to help you improve your positions in the SERPs, but it’s going to allow you determine the result of your SEO strategies and tactics. If you are committed to success and patient enough to persevere until you get there, you can rank for virtually any keyword, no matter how competitive.

March 19, 2016 /

It would be smart to consider hiring a local marketing consultant. There are some advantages that you are going to get from utilizing an outside local marketing consultant instead of hiring in-house. This post, we are going to make sure go over some of the biggest benefits of doing so.

Benefits Of Utilizing A Local Marketing Consultant:

1. No Training Necessary.

The primary benefit that you are going to get from utilizing a consultant to help you with your marketing rather than hiring someone to handle it for you is the fact that you are not going to be expected to train anyone. Because you are hiring the services of a local marketing consultant, you are essentially hiring someone that is already experienced with local marketing and someone that has done it previously. This means that you are not going to have to worry about spending the time and the money/resources to train a new employee.

2. Better Results.

Another benefit that you are going to get from doing this instead of hiring an employee for the job is the fact that you are going to be able to get a lot better and faster results. Again, because you are hiring a consultant, you are essentially going to be enlisting the services of someone that has been there and done it before. This means that you can expect them to know what they are doing and to know how to step in and make things work. This is going to give you better and quicker results than hiring an actual employee that has to go through training and someone that has to get familiar with your company and how everything works. A consultant is going to be able to focus entirely on getting your local marketing into gear.

3. No Benefits.

Another advantage of hiring a consultant is the fact that they are not technically an employee. This means that you are not going to be expected to pay any benefits as an employer. Obviously, this is going to end up saving you a good amount of money in the long run. It also means that you are going to have a lot more flexibility should things not go as planned and if you need to stop working with the consultant for whatever reason.

Marketing consultant rather than hiring a marketing employee. Believe it or not, but you will save money in the long run while also be able to enlist the services of a more experienced professional that is going to have a lot of time to put into your local marketing efforts rather than being distracted with a bunch of other things going on in your business. Be sure to find an experienced consultant if you choose to go this route.


Marketing is something that is always evolving and as a business owner and marketer, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and changes. It is critical that you focus on keeping up to date with the latest practical strategies and to remove no longer effective strategies from your marketing mix. The truth is, if you keep your entire marketing team in house, you are likely to end up spending your whole budget on finances and not having fun on things that you need to be successful with it. In this post, we will be going to the most list of the reasons for hiring marketing firms rather than having your marketing completely done in house.

Benefits Of Hiring Marketing Consulting Firms:

1. More Than Experience.

When you end up hiring a marketing consulting firm, you are ultimately going to get much more than marketing expertise. By outsourcing your marketing, you will have access to strategies, experiences, and technologies available. With an agency, you are going to have access to a lot of different and versatile marketing professionals that have proven backgrounds of getting the job done. This is going to allow you to have everything and everyone that you need to increase your sales and revenue numbers indeed.

2. You Want To Manage Costs.

Fixed costs are extremely detrimental to business. Even worse, a bad hire can effectively cost you a lot of money not only in the short term but also the long term. This means that a bad hire can effect you months and even sometimes years down the road. Whereas, hiring a marketing consulting firm is less likely to impact you in a negative way as much because they are not going to require a full-time salary, benefits, and other kinds of overhead since they will have their office space. When you hire a real marketing agency, you are going to end up being provided with a broad range of specific strategic and technical skills that you just cannot overlook.

3. You Get More Time.

Another benefit that you are going to understand when to want to position yourself to hire a marketing consulting firm is the ability to have more time to focus on other things effecting your business. Instead of having your employees focused on your marketing, you are going to be able to turn them to other result producing activities that can have a tremendous impact on your overall business.

Benefits that come with coming in a Virginia, Washington, and Maryland advertising agency consulting firm instead of trying to build on in-house. You are going to have access to the latest technology, strategies, and you are going to end up saving a lot of finances in the process. It is one of the best things that you could do for your business.